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Jian Ping's book Mulberry Child is a moving account of her family's struggle to survive China's Cultural Revolution. She has in her poignant memoir helped Westerners to understand this little-known period in China's history, and put tragic and heroic faces to the individuals who suffered through that time. Mulberry Child is important reading for anyone who wants to understand where modern China has come from.

     -Rob Gifford, former Beijing Correspondent of NPR, and author of China Road: A Journey into the Future of a Rising Power

Jian Ping pays tribute to her parents who struggled against tremendous odds...that she herself survived to write this memoir, and to tell with such maturity and wisdom and forgiveness, is a tribute to her family, her generation and her nation. She has blessed not only her parents, but each of her readers, too.

     -Larry Engelmann, author of Feather in a Storm and Daughter of China

In Mulberry Child, Jian Ping has written a moving, important account of an extraordinary time. And she has done so with grace, acuity and a generosity of spirit. Mulberry Child is one compelling read.

     -Alex Kotlowitz, author of There Were No Children Here